How to Clean Your Pet Food Storage Container (Updated 2024)

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Persistence is needed to counteract the growing risks from recalls due to: mold, chemicals, antibiotics, Propylene Glycol, thyroid hormone, Pentobarbital, foreign objects, Aflatoxins, and huge vitamin fluctuations.

Moldy dog food

Clean pet food containers, at a minimum of monthly, or the equivalent of a bag of dog food are required as part of pet ownership.

Cleaning a pet's food container is equal to feeding, walking, and loving your pet; or its neglect.

The FDA states, "wash and dry the storage container between finishing up one bag of kibble and filling it with another to get the residual fat and crumbs off the container's surfaces".

Vittles Vault, the maker of Gamma2 air-tight dog food container confirms, " It is possible for the oils from your dogs’ food to absorb into the plastic container over time, which can cause the food to become rancid. This is why it is extremely important to wash out your Vittles Vault regularly."

Dog Food Containers

And every pet parent should know cleaning pets' food and water bowls is needed daily, as well.  Right?

Confirming, the FDA also requires pet parents to, "wash and dry pet food bowls and scooping utensils after each use.  Wash water bowls daily"

Dirty Contaminated Dog Bowl

Cleaning dog bowls helps with pet and home hygiene, particularly with young children in the home. But cleaning food and water bowls is part of cleanliness, which is preferred over sloppiness.

Clean dog bowl

You should NOT clean your pets' bowls with the same cleaning utensils as humans. They must be separate.

Pet digestive systems can kill Salmonella, the leading cause of dog food recalls. But, for humans, this is not the case. The human digestive system cannot kill Salmonella, and our lives will be threatened.

A reason for the massive Salmonella recalls is that pet owners are using the same cleaning utensils for their dishes and their pets.

Eliminating cross-contamination from each bag of dog food is critical.

Pet food contains nutrients necessary for that bag of dog food only. Cross-contamination of stale nutrients and fresh nutrients is prohibited.

You can relate this to human food consumption processes, too.

No matter the size of your dog food containers, you should be repetitively cleaning them after every bag of dog food:

  • If your dog food container holds 15 lb. of dog food and you buy a 30 lb. bag of dog food, you need to clean after each container fill-up.
  • Or you should be cleaning monthly - 12x per year at a minimum.

Before adding the new bag of dog food to the pet food storage container you first need to thoroughly clean them.

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