About PetzPaws

PetzPaws began when Yun-Wen and Brian needed a custom height floating dog bowl to eliminate bloat, and neck and back strain...
but discovered something exciting:  no more stumbling over dog bowls!

Next - Brian would conveniently "forget" to clean the dog food containers.

PetzPaws EZ CLEAN Dimensions Large New



Used and Soiled PetzPaws EZ CLEAN towelette


Yun-Wen created PetzPaws EZ CLEAN which quickly breaks down dog food residue from food containers...

Clean Dog Food Container Lid after PetzPaws EZ CLEAN cleaning

and dog bowls.

Soiled dog bowl

Clean 3 quart dog bowl
Brian and Yun-Wen enjoy developing innovative products and services for themselves; and upon perfection - for you.

PetzPaws EZ CLEAN breaks down dog food container bacteria and debris

Customers requested a PetzPaws EZ CLEAN towelette; to maximize your value we created our first service.

You don't have to buy it, but if you do - you can cancel anytime.

Brian and Yun-Wen (and family)