About PetzPaws


PetzPaws began when Brian and Claire became pet parents to Sultan:


Sultan is PetzPaws Mascot

Concerned about bloat they created a raised floating dog bowl


Veterinarian Recommends Raised Dog Food Feeding

They discovered that hanging dog bowls don't get kicked!


Dog eating from raised dog feeding bowls

Concerned about Sultans overall health they created PetzPaws EZ CLEAN


Spoiled dog food

Pet parents never clean dog food containers that have mold, chemicals, antibiotics, propylene glycol, thyroid hormone, pentobarbital, aflatoxins, and huge vitamin fluctuations from old dog food:


Clean Dog Food Container Lid after PetzPaws EZ CLEAN cleaning


A safe time-saver that in 2 minutes breaks down harmful dog food residue from food containers and bowls



Soiled dog bowl

Clean 3 quart dog bowl