About PetzPaws

PetzPaws began when Yun-Wen and Brian needed a custom height floating dog bowl to eliminate bloat, and neck and back strain...

Floating dog bowl prototype

but discovered something exciting:  no more stumbling over dog bowls!

Next - Brian would conveniently "forget" to clean the dog food containers.

Contaminated PetzPaws EZ CLEAN towelette

Yun-Wen created PetzPaws EZ CLEAN which quickly breaks down dog food residue from food containers...

Vittle vault dog food container

and dog bowls.

Soiled dog bowl

Brian and Yun-Wen enjoy developing innovative products and services for themselves; and upon perfection - for you.

 PetzPaws EZ CLEAN towelette dog food container cleaner packaging

Customers requested a PetzPaws EZ CLEAN towelette; to maximize your value we created our first service.

Dog food container cleaned with PetzPaws EZ CLEAN

You don't have to buy it, but if you do - you can cancel anytime at petzpaws.com

From the bottom of our hearts,

Brian and Claire

FYI: You can send us dog videos and pictures to share on social media.