PetzPaws Logo - The Story

What is the PetzPaws logo?

1st Logo Attempt:

PetzPaws Original Logo

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Brainstorming the logo I thought about what we are most passionate about.

My inspiration was our Great Dane, Sultan.

Sultan had (1) ear that would stand up, while the 2nd did occasionally.

Mostly, the ear just flopped down.

We are athleisure - walking the dogs around is our enjoyment and the ear up/ear down fits PetzPaws' personality.

Here is an inspiration image:

PetzPaws logo with Great Dane ears up and down

The remaining logos were updated by professionals.

At the time, 2007-2008 we liked black and gold as the color scheme:PetzPaws Logo Black and Gold Color Scheme

Over time another talented creatives softened and freshed:

PetzPaws Logo Blue

So, the PetzPaws logo, in all its versions - is Sultan ears; (1) ear up, and (1) ear down.

PetzPaws Logo Blue

Tell us what you think about the logo in the comments.