The FDA recommends cleaning pet food containers (Updated 2024)

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Do you remove pet food from the manufacturer's bag?  You are NOT alone!

Recent research states that "Drug-resistant Escherichia coli (E. coli) has been demonstrated to be present on pets, humans, and the pets’ food dish" said Emily Luisana D.V.M. 

Most U.S. dog owners do not follow FDA pet food handling guidelines: Practicing guidelines reduces health risks for dogs and humans. ScienceDaily

"Exposure to contaminated dog food can have implications for canine and human health. For example, there have been multiple outbreaks of both humans and dogs becoming ill after exposure to dog food contaminated with pathogenic bacteria", said Emily Luisana D.V.M.

"The majority of respondents (65%) remove dry dog food from the manufacturer’s bag for storage" and "store their pet food against FDA and most manufacturers’ recommendations, which may have implications...with increased risk of microbial contamination, nutritional degradation, and palatability".  Also, "70 percent store pet food in a dog food container without the original bag", said Emily Luisana D.V.M.

The FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine states:

FDA Recommends Cleaning Pet Food Bowls and Pet Food Storage Containers,

The problem with following FDA guidelines is that they are NOT practical.  You would need another kitchen just to serve your pets!

In addition, just trying to adhere to the FDA guidelines is cumbersome - don't touch this, now touch that, clean your hands, jump up and down.

It's a rat race, but it shouldn't be.

If you are interested in making pet care more practical, please learn more here.

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