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The name is Doberman Pinscher, not "pincher", and they are named after their founder, Louis Dobermann - but that's with 2 n's, he's from the late 1800s.
So, we know that Doberman comes from Louis Dobermann, but where does Pinscher come from? Good question, glad you asked; and you are probably very close to the actual meaning of the term too; "Pinscher" is a term for a dog's habit of jumping and biting its prey; the word "comes from the English word "pincher", which means "to pinch"!
We know a lot about Mr. Dobermann and Doberman Pinscher - he bred the black and tan terrier - called Manchesters with black greyhound...well that's - a "black grey-hound"?!
But they also have German Shepherds, German Pinscher, Weimaraner's and Rottweilers in there too.
Doberman Pinschers first came to the US during WW1 but that lineage didn't make it, but 5 came before WW2 and that's the bloodline we have today.
Fun Fact: Doberman Pinschers are the only working dog bred to also be a human companion.
From the beginning Doberman Pinschers had their ears cropped and tails docked, probably to reduce job-related risk, like wearing a hard hat today...you can't yank and pull what's not here.
Doberman Pinschers are very alert, and muscular - we have one around here that protects the house, except on Halloween when the kids go and get candy....we just wanted to see the dog.
Now, they are family dogs - they do not like to be alone and will chew up anything in sight, if bored.
They can be kennel trained, but they are not suited well for it, either.
They are very smart dogs, you're not going to pull the wool over their eyes!
They need to exercise daily, so, they are not everybody.
But mentally they are very sharp and intellectually impressive dogs.

Doberman Pinscher's name originates from Louis Dobermann and the English version of pinch or biting; Doberman Pinschers are the only working dog bred to be human companions, probably because Louis Dobermann was a tax collector and had no friends, BUT his Doberman Pinschers!
Doberman Pinschers are of medium size, not too big like a Great Dane and not too small like a terrier and their size lends them perfectly for being intimidating while their slender face and sleek muscle tone convey that they can back it up.
You'll want a 2-quart dog bowl for the Doberman Pinscher, and a high-quality dog food to ensure strong and agile muscle tone, ligament, and tendons.
Also, they are one of the rare dog breeds that have valiantly served our country and have monuments in their honor.
From conception, the ears have always been cropped and tails have always been docked - hard hats in their line of work, meaning Doberman Pinschers were designed to protect which includes making sacrifices to improve safety.
Doberman Pinschers are very fast from their Greyhound lineage which makes them perfect for agility events.
They do great in scent work because of the Weimaraner bloodlines - which are part of the sporting group and they originate also from Germany.
They do great in tracking due to their German Shepherd lines and do great in obedience from the German Pinscher and Rottweiler lines; which together make them a great protector and adaptable in performing all forms of competition; including shows.
If you're interested in getting a Doberman Pinscher, click below to learn more from a 20+ veteran of the breed.
Now, how strange is it that such a despised man -Luis Doberman - a tax collector - creates one of the most loveable and popular dog breeds?
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