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The origins of the Boxer date back to the Assyrian war dogs of 2,500 BC(!), and selective breeding to fit the circumstances has been constant.

The original Boxer comes from Bullenbeissers or "Bull Biters" which are extinct; or should I say they evolved.  The Bull Biters were used to hunt big game and were considered hunting hounds - they hunted bear, bison, and wild boar, or as I call the 3 B's.

A famous German Boxer kennel named "von Dom" which translates to "from the cathedral" originated the breed we have today, its owner's name is Friederun von Miran-Stockmann. 

Friederun is credited with standardizing the Boxer breed before selling off some of her best dogs to Americans just before WW2.

She eventually moved to America too, and while judging, Friederun noticed her unique and famous Boxer lineage in a dog named "Bang Away", who won Westminster Best in Show in 1951.

Boxers are bouncy; their lean square body is of medium-sized build; and you'll notice that their eyes are straight, that's to focus on and catch, not kill, their prey. 

They can run fast for a considerable distance too.

You've probably noticed that they have an undershot jaw as well - and may have thought it was a mistake, but no - that was by design; the jaw cannot clamp down on the prey to kill it - the jaw has an overbite to prevent the kill and to allow the human to finish.

The origins of the Boxer dog date back to the Assyrian war dogs of 2,500 BC and breeding ingenuity has kept the Boxer breed a relevant dog for hunting the Big 3 - Bear, Bison, and Boar.

The modern evolution and stabilizing of the Boxer breed occurred in Germany through the "von Dom" kennel, around the time of WW1 and WW2; she transitioned the Boxer from a big game hunter to a small game holder.

Interestingly, the Boxer's eyes are straight to focus on its prey, and the overbite isn't a breeding flaw - it is designed to hold prey, not kill.

Due to the Boxer being a medium size, both in weight and height, a stainless 2-quart pet bowl would be ideal.  And because they are an active breed, consider feeding a high-quality pet food diet.

If you're considering a Boxer - they're usually ready in 8 weeks, but if you desire a show puppy...this could take a bit longer and those will come in a fawn-brown or a brindle color.

Now, don't worry if you want a "regular" Boxer - coming from a reputable breeder - you'll get exactly what you want; which is a fun dog, sure they have their quirks - but all dogs do, such as; they are bouncy from their hunting lineage, jumping and getting wild and big game.

Boxers don't always listen either - they are not cool with doing the same thing over and over again - training, can be a challenge - so find a good trainer who knows the breed; like professional dog trainer Amy Beiri-Shields, whom I met at a dog show -  she is our spotlight Boxer Breeder for Learn, Don't Return - she gives wonderful insight into the Boxer breed - the link is below.

Let's just say that with a Boxer, squirrels, and chipmunks won't be a problem, they are very fast dogs.

But the Boxer is not for everyone, because they are an active breed - they are always jumping - elderly folks are not ideal for the boxer lifestyle.

The same goes for families with babies.

However, Boxers are family dogs, they are not an aggressive or protective breed; so they do work for a lot of families; just those two groups are not a good fit.

The Boxer can live between 10 and 12 years which is a solid number for a breed this size and energy level.

Due to the Boxer's ability to quickly maneuver, developed from their modern lineage hunting in the woods in Bavaria Germany - they do great in Agility, and because of their interesting history they excel in dog shows...you can definitely win with the right Boxer!

Lastly, the Boxer can actually do surprisingly well in obedience with a good trainer like Amy Bieri-Shields:

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