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The Border Collie's History:  So, we all know that a border is the separation of 2 geographical pieces of land, but when you say Border Collie - the "Border" specifically means the border separating England from Scotland.

And the term "Collie" we aren't 100% positive where it comes from but here are 2 excellent possibilities:

  1. It's possibly Scottish and means "useful" - sounds right, sounds good; or
  2. Originates from the German language, I know but here me out, the word is "Kuli" which means "worker"  and there is even a breed called Alt Deutscher Kuli.

I'm with you, #1 is probably correct regarding the Border Collie.

Plus, the Border Collie was originally classified as a Scotch Sheep Dog...more entertainment to come so consider subscribing.  

The Border Collie's Form and Function - the Border Collie does not have work-life balance, but they are trainable - sounds like a great employee!

The Border Collie is at home on the farm tending to sheep.

The Border Collie is a natural sheep herder - but if you have kids that get out of line, the Border Collie will use their persuasive eyes and physical maneuvering to get them back into a single file order.

The Border Collie doesn't require your attention - they know what their job is; but without a job, they become purposeless - and that's not good.

So, if you really want a Border Collie either:

  1. Get a farm with some sheep, or
  2. Get them in AKC Agility
They'll do amazing at both!

    The Border Collie was requested by a Learn, Don't Return fan!

    If you have a dog breed you want me to do a Learn, Don't Return on, leave it in the comments.

    The Border Collie is in the Herding Group with the French Briard, Collie, and the crazy Belgian Malinois - we already covered the Belgian Malinois, I'll leave a link up here near the end of the video for you.

    The Border Collie was originally called the Scotch Sheep Dog and without the help of the Border Collie humans wouldn't be able to control large herds of sheep, that's just how critical the Border Collie is to the sheepherders.

    The Border Collie isn't an old dog breed, reports have them beginning sheep herding in the 1700s and being refined into the 1850's.

    The Border Collie's name - the "Border" comes from the areas they were located in - which is the lowlands of Scotland, which BORDERS England.

    "Collie" - we aren't 100% positive, but I'll give you 2 options:

    Option 1) Translated to Scottish means "useful", or

    Option 2) Translated from the German Kuli means "worker."

    My guess is that both are correct.

    What do you think?

    Comment below.

    The Border Collie's Form and Function - are you looking for a dog breed with a work-life balance?

    Well, the Border Collie wakes up early, takes care of business, stays late, and shuts off the lights!

    The Border Collie is the key-holder of your sheep herding operation.

    And when the Border Collie is not herding sheep, they are counting sheep!

    It's good that the Border Collie keeps an eye on the sheep too, because sheep are not known for their organizational skills.

    And the Border Collie uses their eyes to move the wandering sheep and to keep them in-line.

    The sheep's fur is called wool and it is hypoallergenic, the Border Collie comes in a rough coat or smooth coat and is not hypoallergenic.

    Sheep only get sheared in Spring every year and that's good because the Border Collie needs:

    • Cutting
    • Bathing
    • Trimming
    Every 2-3 weeks!

    Sheep's wool gets converted into clothes to keep you warm, and both rough coat and smooth coat Border Collies have a double coat of fur perfect for rainy or cold weather conditions to keep them warm.

    Sheep come in many different colors and their colors can change with age, the Border Collie comes in many colors too, like:

    1. Solid
    2. Sable
    3. Bi
    4. Tri - colors -
    But their colors don't change with age.

    The Border Collie is a busy body, that requires an extreme amount of exercise, so pick up some new running shoes!

    And on the rare occasion when they do take a break, they are very affectionate to family and even strangers - they let them right inside.

    Real quick: while you're at the store buying some new shoes, pick up a frisbee so they can play catch...the Border Collie loves to play!

    So, don't worry if you don't have sheep, the Border Collie is highly adaptable.

    Also, while you're getting the new shoes and Frisbee head over to PetzPaws.com for quality human apparel - because the Border Collie can live a long time, between 12 and 15 years!

    Discount code "Border Collie"

    The Border Collie is a frequent barker, whether it's to get their point across to you or the sheep.

    They need a job just about every minute of the day!

    Underneath the long flowing coat, they weigh a medium 30-55 pounds and have a height of 18-22 inches.

    If you're concerned about having a Border Collie while raising young kids don't, but they will naturally herd you and your kids, but since they do require a lot of attention and so do children, they may not be ideal for a growing family where time and attention is limited.

    And they can't be crated for long periods either.

    But the Border Collie is excellent in AKC herding competitions obviously, but will also do great in:

    1. Agility
    2. Obedience
    3. Tracking
    4. Flyball
    5. Conformation competitions.

    With their natural intelligence, athleticism, and beautiful coat colors - they are a blast to watch work!

    The Border Collie was recognized by the AKC only in 1995 and the Border Collie Society of America was formed in 1993.

    Now, would you feed a Border Collie from a 2-quart bowl?

    You Betcha!

    I sure could use some organization around here, maybe I'll get a Border Collie?!

    Comment below if you have sheep, or which events you'd pursue to occupy your Border Collie.

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