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The Boerboel dog - let's start with its name, "boer" means farm, and "boel" means big dog; the breed started out as a European Mastiff until Jan van Riebeeck established the Cape of Good Hope in 1652 in South Africa.

But many other European immigrants brought working-class dogs as well to South Africa which further developed the Boerboel dog breed - probably some unknowingly and some knowingly.

What we do know is that they purposely bred the Mastiff with the native Khoi dog to help the European Mastiff develop a tolerance for the African climate and ticks, which now you're starting to see how the European Mastiff transitions into the Boerboel - a native African dog breed.

A lot more to share, click the link below for the full Boerboel story.

"Farm Dog" is the translation of boer-boel into Dutch,- and on farms, you need a protection dog breed to protect the livestock, which is what you get with the Boerboel.

And how tough is a Boerboel?


They aren't even allowed in Denmark, where their name originates!

The Boerboel is a large dog but they are also very agile and light on their feet.

The Boerboel's are some big-boned boys and girls, who have the physical strength to back it up and the bravery to follow through.

How brave is the Boerboel?

Reports have them catching a Leopard!

Sooo, are you interested in a Boerboel?

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The Boerboel is a farm dog?


Quite literally, Boerboel means "farm dog" in Dutch.

"boer" means farm and "boel" means big or large dog, and the Boerboel is a big dog, they weigh 150 to 200 pounds!

But don't let the smooth coat fool ya, because they aren't smooth, in fact, they're very protective of your family.

The Boerboel is in the Working Group with its big dog brothers the:

  1. Bullmastiff, the
  2. Roman, Italian guard dog the Cane Corso, and the
  3. Naples, Italy guard dog the Neapolitan Mastiff

We've already Learn, Don't Returned the Neapolitan Mastiff, near the end of this Learn Don't Return I'll put a link up here.

A European Mastiff was brought to South Africa by Jan van Riebeeck while working at the Dutch East India Trading Company in 1652, where he established the Cape of Good Hope.

And he needed a lot of good hope because the European Mastiff lacked the endurance to cope with the:

  • South African heat
  • African ticks.

But having the Mastiff as a dog breed foundation is smart and proven, especially when mated to a native dog breed, like the native South African dog breed the KhoiKohi; because the hard reality was that only the strong survived in Africa.

So what you're getting now in a Boerboel is a proven and hardened dog breed, which has both pluses and minuses.

The plus is that they are ready to work on the farm, the negative is that you better not have any friends come over.

I'm not kidding either; hey, these are the traits required to survive in South Africa - and I'm not blaming the dog, I get it.

The Boerboel is not a dummy dog breed - protection takes instinct and grit!

But when the Boerboel is not protecting your farm from intruders or the livestock from Leopards...oh you think I'm kidding?

Reports have the Boerboel taking down a Leopard!

Friendly reminder, the channel you're watching is PetzPaws Learn, Don't Return, because we don't want you returning a Boerboel - and breeders don't give refunds.

But at PetzPaws.com if your dog walking apparel doesn't fit, we do offer refunds - discount code "Boerboel" for 10% off - guard that like a Boerboel!

And the Boerboel is a big commitment in training, but they also live a long 9-11 years which is good for a big dog.

You may require daily grooming, but the Boerboel only needs infrequent grooming, but like you, the Boerboel does need regular nail trimming.

You don't like to be cooped up, and neither does the Boerboel, they can't be crated for long periods - they need to be with you to protect you...and protection is their gift; don't take that away from them!

Adopting a Boerboel is a gift for the right family - but you can NOT be a passive owner.

And while they are a healthy breed, don't pass on getting pet health insurance!

And before you get a Boerboel look into if your home insurance covers the breed - because the Boerboel isn't even allowed in Denmark, where its name originates!

The Boerboel is good around other dogs if you socialize them when they're a puppy and if you have young kids - they are part of the protection circle.

Does the thought of having a Boerboel leave you drooling, well that's good because the Boerboel drools too...all over your

  1. couch
  2. walls
  3. family

Have your Boerboel drooling over a big bag of tasty pet food in a 3-quart bowl - you don't want a hangry Boerboel!

The Boerboel is not an apartment dog, they require a fenced-in yard, so they can protect the perimeter.

The Boerboel only barks when necessary, is medium energy, and prefers a country lifestyle - to work and play.

Now, does the thought of having a Boerboel have you in protection mode?

Well, ask the breeder about the drive level of their specific lineage, because a show dog may be slightly more "gracious" than a working Boerboel pedigree.

Comment below if the Boerboel is your perfect dog breed, and why you're choosing the Boerboel.

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