8 Tips: Placemaking Dog Bowls and Pet Food Containers

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Actionable Tips to Save Time:


This tutorial will help pet parents optimize their daily routines. Performing an inefficient process for 10, 12, 15, 17 years(!) of your life can cause a constraint - and stress.  Be aware and beware of busywork.  Enjoying your pet processes will fill your heart with hope and your pet with joy.
Let's Begin:
1. Measure your dog from the floor to the prosternum with a tape measure, and write down the measurement:
   1a. Are you feeding using a wall-mounted floating elevated dog feeder?
   1b. Are you feeding using a floor elevated dog feeder?
   1c. Are you feeding using bowls on the floor/floormat?
2. Find placemaking options, likely dead space (no tripping), typically in or near the kitchen:
   2a. Where will you placemake the dog/cat food container? 
   2b. Count steps to/from dog food container to PetzPaws (or any) food dog bowl?

Divide 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 90;  / 2 for each direction.

Daily Feeding
Bowls (to/from) Container 1 2 3
10 10 20 30
20 20 40 60
30 30 60 90
   2c. Where will you fill your pets' water bowls?
   2d. How many steps from your water source to PetzPaws (or any) dog bowl?

Divide 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 90;  / 2 for each direction.

Daily Watering
Bowls (to/from)  Water 1 2 3
10 10 20 30
20 20 40 60
30 30 60 90

 Divide 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 90;  / 4 for each direction.

Daily Feeding & Watering
Bowls (to/from)  Container & Water 2 4 6
20 40 80 120
40 80 160 240
60 120 240 360


3.  Where will you clean your dog/cat feeding bowls (dishwasher or manually)?
   3a. Are your bowls dishwasher friendly stainless steel, or not?
   3b. How many steps too your cleaning method?
   3c. Can your pet(s) be hydrated and nourished with (1) set of dog bowls?
4. What will you place under your pets' bowls? (2 minutes)
   4a. Measure the area to ensure floormat fitment, write the measurement down. 
   4b. What floormat material will you use - carpet/loop or foam?
   4c. How will you clean the floor or floormat material  ((vacuum (electrical outlet), Swifter, W/D))
5.  How will you store dog food*?
   5a. Is the food bag sealable? If yes, great. If not, buy an XL chip clip. 
   5b. Is the food container sealable? If yes, great*.
*Dog food smells


6. Where inside will you placemake the food container/dog food bag?
   6a. How will you access the dog food (pantry, closet)*?
   Statement: Dog food smells -  use a sealable container in the open kitchen (or bag).
*You will be accessing the dog food multiple X's per day - choose wisely.
7. Where and how will you clean the dog food containers?
   7a. Utility tub, soap, scrub brush, and a drying towel? (1-2 hours). 
   7b. Spigot, soap, scrub brush, and drying towel or air dry? (1 day).
   7c. Utility Tub or spigot? (Season Dependent) (1-12 hours). 
   7d. PetzPaws EZ CLEAN - clean anywhere/ (1-5 minutes)
8. Do you plan to feed outside for optimal nutrition during playtimes?
   8a. If yes, find a secure exterior location to attach the wall-mounted Z-Bracket.
   8a. If no, keep a spigot available for hydration; and a dog food scoop for nutrients
Your answers to these questions, along with your reflection, will ensure an efficient feeding and watering process.


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