Are floating pet bowls better than elevated pet bowls? Yes! (2024)

Posted by Brian Aho on

When searching for a new dog bowl you may come across floating dog bowls and wonder, why?

Floating dog bowls are a new trend and offer a lot of benefits, for example; easier floor cleaning and being stationary.

We compiled a list of positives that will educate you to make the best decision.

Let us nip the (1) con in the bud - you will need a wall to hang the pet bowls, and with that let's find out if it's worth it.

Have you ever cleaned the floor under the dog bowl only to discover that the food bowl was empty and the water bowl was full? The cursing when the water splashes on your floor because now you have even more to clean up!  Well, those days are over with a floating dog bowl system.

Dinnerware - The platform area around the dog bowls has an important job - catching food and water from splashing onto the floor. Many bowls do not have this essential feature - sending it all right to the floor. Hurry up with the cleanup because the food/water mixture sets up like concrete. Elevated and floating elevated pet bowls will have a platform - the larger the better if you have a messy eater.

FYI: We created PetzPaws EZ CLEAN because it breaks down fat bonding the food together, making cleanup faster on carpet and hardwood floors.

Carpeting underdog bowls can be catastrophic. Vacuuming will only get up so much, but a rinse-and-vac can remove the crustaceans with PetzPaws EZ CLEAN. Investing in floating bowls will help speed up the cleaning process significantly by removing necessary steps, such as; moving the bowls.

Similarly, hardwood floors can be cleaned to remove pet-feeding debris. You could spray on PetzPaws EZ CLEAN and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, which is fast compared to the bucket of water and soap method. Floating pet bowls expedite the process by eliminating bowl removal. You can start quickly with the cleanup.

Floor mats are perfect for protecting floors from pet-feeding debris. Floor mats will need cleaning but floating dog bowls means that you can remove the floor mat while not disturbing the dog bowls.

Swiftering underdog bowls work great for small dogs and cats. Floating bowls means that mealtime doesn't change for floor cleaning. Floor cleaning isn't fun and while it may seem like a huge benefit when compared to mounting to your walls - it is a sigh of relief.

The PetzPaws elevated floating dog bowls use a narrow Z Bracket. This bracket hugs the wall and is not a trip hazard with the dinnerware removed. Also, you could paint the Z bracket making it virtually unnoticeable for when the dinnerware is in the dishwasher or another location.

Walls - corner areas are often dead spaces, making them ideal for placing dog bowls on the ground or elevated dog bowls. Also, corner wall spaces are often dead space making optimizing the area, like an imaginary cube, perfect "rooms" for floating elevated dog bowls. The imaginary cube will be messy but outfitting with PetzPaws products - the process will not be a chore.

Indoor/Outdoors - floating elevated dog bowls are not traditionally removable or relocatable. They are stationary. If you want to move them you'll need your tool belt and some home improvement products. PetzPaws patented its dog bowls because it invented the removable bowls for pet feeding applications. Additional Z-Brackets can be purchased for extra functionality while preserving the original location feeding abilities. Just remove and reposition anywhere you have a Z-Bracket.

Wall cleaning - cleaning can take a tremendous amount of time depending on your dog. All bowl types, on the ground, elevated and floating elevated will need to be removed to maintain a level of cleanliness. Dogs that shake their head during or after feeding will add slobber to walls. Moving dog bowls is required, however; some are easier than others. For slobbering dogs removability is key.

Peace of Mind - When prototyping the PetzPaws floating mounted dog bowl the goal was to have perfect height dog bowls for our Great Dane, Sultan. But we discovered another great benefit you need to experience to fully comprehend the satisfaction. The stress removed from KNOWING the bowls has not been moved. If you don't agree you can return them.

Perfect Height - Floating dog bowls are the perfect height for your pet. While elevated and bowls on the ground may be close - they are not the perfect height for your specific pet.

Permanent/stationary - Floating elevated dog bowls are permanent. Some are more permanent, such as; non-removable dinnerware/platform, but with removable feeding water and food bowls. PetzPaws is the only completely removable platform and bowl system while also being stationary.

Dishwasher friendly - Elevated dog bowls do not fit in the dishwasher because they are too large. Commonly, only the bowls fit in the dishwasher; similar to bowls on the ground. And floating elevated platforms are permanent. But the PetzPaws floating elevated dinnerware is removable and dishwasher-friendly.

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