Frisbee Throwing Athleisure T

Frisbee Throwing Athleisure T

Size X-Small Athletic T

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Next level frisbee throwing - T!

Your dog outruns your frisbee -  it's your shirt.

Put more zip on that frisbee with the Frisbee T by PetzPaws.

The Frisbee T is made from lightweight flexible materials, such as; 

  1. Polyester 50%

  2. Combed Cotton 25%

  3. Rayon 25%

  4. That should add up to 100%.

  • Machine wash cold.  Tumble dry low

  • Easy enough

These slick shirts are very athletic and can be used for:
  1. Running with your dog
  2. Frisbee with your dog
  3. Throwing overhand balls with your dog
  4. Jogging with your dog
  5. Throwing balls underhand with your dog
  6. Catching your dog while playing - catch
  7. Walking your dog
  8. Powerwalking with your dog
  9. Miscellaneous stuff with your dog - it's perfect!
  10. Petting your dog's belly