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The Bull Terrier's earliest documentation comes from around the 1830s and they originate from a mix of bulldog and terrier bloodlines.

To dive a little deeper, breeders bred an extinct dog named a White English Terrier and the lovable English Bulldog because having a white dog was very in- fashion at the time.

Stop.  Real Talk: Our dogs have always been and will always be a fashion statement; it doesn't matter if it's a mix or purebred, your dog says something about you, whether you like it or not.

Now, Bull Terriers weren't called "Bull Terriers", they were called "bull-and-terrier". 

Also, a mix of unknown dog breeds was included in the breeding over the century-plus years to give it the now distinctive look that characterizes the Bull Terrier and has transformed it from a "dog", to a pop culture icon.  

The Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog breed with visible muscles - the boys weigh 65-80 and the ladies 50-65 but there is no hard set rule on the weight or size of the Bull Terrier, according to the AKC.

For context, the smaller Bull Terriers should feed from a 1-quart, while a robust Bull Terrier will need a 2-quart dog bowl.

And because the coat is short and flat - and the skin is tight, feed a high protein diet that will benefit your Bull Terriers' build.

These are stocky boys and girls and the Bull Terrier should move cleanly, with unobstructed movement.

Their body should be square in appearance but also convey healthiness and power.

Truth be told they are a bit of a primadonna now, but historically their intended use was trifold 1) discourage vermin 2) be a companion and 3) be courageous.

The Bull Terrier is not a guard dog, but they should hold their own if provoked.  Now would you let a Bull Terrier be your companion?

The Bull Terrier is in the Terrier Group with dogs like the American Staffordshire Terrier - also known as the Pit Bull, Australian Terrier, and Scottish Terrier - it appears just about every "English" country has its own version of the Terrier, who knew?
The Bull Terrier's name originates from its bloodline mix; Bulldog and Terrier.  The Bull Terrier has had numerous early changes that have been lost to time, but the earliest cataloging dates to the 1830s when it was called the "bull-and-terrier", which culminated in the breeding of the popular English Bulldog and long-lost White English Terrier.
Why do you think they bred those two specific breeds?  I'll give you a hint - it still plays a part in today's breeding and even includes mix dog breeding too. 
En vogue at the time were white dogs, which raises the question if white dogs were popular at the time then why did the White English Terrier go extinct?
Well, I believe the White English Terrier morphed into the Bull Terrier; while the English Bulldog still had plenty of demand - as is; regardless the White English Terrier bloodline infused the perfect coloring into the Bull Terrier in the 20th century and earned it the nickname "The White Cavalier".
But now pet parents enjoy all colors of Bull Terrier - meaning one color is not preferred over another.  And speaking of Bull Terrier varieties, there is even such a thing as a Miniature Bull Terrier which I have not seen before, have you?  Comment below. 
The most unique feature of the Bull Terrier is obviously its egg head shape, you just don't see this egg head shape in any other dog breed.
The Bull Terrier was recognized by the AKC in 1885 and the Bull Terrier Club of America formed shortly thereafter in 1887.
Bull Terriers weigh between 50-85 depending if it's a boy or girl, and they have a short flat coat that does shed, but they do not require heavy grooming.
And because you can see the muscles through the coat, feed a high protein dog food since they are active in agility, flyball, weight pull, and carting - which will require that extra bit of strength.
Bull Terriers are a stocky breed and they should move freely, free from excess. 
Their natural physique is square, but their personality isn't square, which makes them the perfect spokesdogs for some of the largest brands like Target.
Bull Terriers are independent thinkers from the Terrier bloodline, and have the assertiveness of the Bulldog, which seems interesting; and interesting is exactly what you get with a Bull Terrier.
The Bull Terrier is hard to define, and they should not be confined to a crate - they like to be around you, and please you.
And hopefully, your Bull Terrier will be pleasing you for 10-14 years which is a pretty good lifespan these days.
Watch all my videos to find the right dog breed or my feelings will be hurt.  The Bull Terrier gets their feelings hurt too, so you must use positivity in your training routine.
Don't be too serious and have a sense of humor when training isn't going as planned - they will respond better and you'll get the playful and funny Bull Terrier that you desired in the first place.
The Bull Terrier can be active, so you will need to leash up and go for a walk, but they are also equal parts chill - if you're looking to adopt a Bull Terrier inquire if they have an active bloodline that performs bomb detection, search and rescue or a more household-friendly drive that likes to go for walks, and lay on the couch; this distinction matters a lot!
Now, would you let a Bull Terrier make you laugh?  Comment Below.

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