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A Belgian Malinois was part of Seal Team 6 and was on the raid that took down Osama bin Laden.

I saw YOUR ears perk up!  And the Belgian Malinois ears started perking up in the late 1800s when throughout Europe dog breeding was going through a renaissance.

Collaboration with breeders and handlers was critical in developing a breed that met exacting conditions.

And a group of breeders were on a mission to create breeds that represented their specific region - one of the four was the Belgian Malinois.

The Belgian Malinois originates from the Country of Belgium from the Mechelen region also called Maline.

The Belgian Malinois quickly became a prized tool for sheepherders in Maline, so how did a herding dog from Belgium become a member of Seal Team 6?

This isn't the end of the Belgian Malinois story, but YouTube Shorts are only 1 minute and my time is unfortunately up - but I did create a full video of the Belgian Malinois story.

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The Form and Function of the Belgian Malinois is a herding dog which means it is extremely vigilant and is always on call.

On the farm the Belgian Malinois is responsible for the animals: morning, noon, and night, they deliver the goods. 

And the goods are 1) attention to detail that even the sharpest dog breeds can admire, 2) a spirited character, and 3) a breed driven to exceed your demanding training conditions.

Listen to what I'm saying, "the Belgian Malinois would rather be working - than sitting on the couch with you".

There, I said it!

The channel you're watching is called PetzPaws' Learn, Don't Return because the Belgian Malinois is a very popular dog breed, and rightfully so, but they are not primarily going to be your lap buddy.

But, if you have time for daily training - the ultra-active and super-smart Belgian Malinois may be your perfect dog breed!

Comment below why the Belgian Malinois may be your perfect dog breed (or not).

The Belgian Malinois' History, Form and Function, and Livability are coming in hot!

Keep in mind you are watching PetzPaws' Learn, Don't Return channel - and we have nothing to lose by telling you the truth about the ultra-popular Belgian Malinois.

Surely, you've seen the videos of them performing amazing work, and thought - I want that!

Slow down, take a deep breath, and open your mind, and now let's do some research.

You want to avoid returning a Belgian Malinois and I'm thankful you are here with me, Brian.

I returned a dog and it stinks, don't be like me.

I couldn't search YouTube for all the dog breeds - I had a job and didn't even know every single dog breed to search!  And, I watched the generic faceless videos where I and other people commented and nobody cared.

Well, I do care for you for you and your future puppy!

If you're looking at a specific dog breed and want a second opinion leave the breed in the comments - we have you and your future puppy's back.

Otherwise "Play All" of the Learn, Don't Return series videos and watch at your leisure or binge watch.

This is my way of giving back for making a mistake, and hopefully, it helps you.

The Belgian Malinois is part of the herding group and more specifically is 1 of the 4 Belgian shepherd breeds that are registered as Chien de Berger Belge which translates to Belgian Sheepdog.

The others are the Groenendael, Laekenois, and Tervuren, but all 4 breeds are considered unique by the American Kennel Club.

The Belgian Malinois name is after the country, Belgium, and the village they originate - Malinois is from the Mechelen region - also called Maline, and yes, the other 3 breeds are named after Belgium cities too.

The Belgian Malinois development started in the late 1800's and would put Maline on the map.

The predominant difference is the coat - the Malinois has the shortest coat of the 4.

Otherwise, they share intelligence, physical framework, and alertness.

The Belgian Malinois has become the most popular - probably due to its short coat -  with police departments and the armed services.

A Belgian Malinois was even on the Seal Team 6 mission that took down Osama bin Laden.

The Belgian Malinois is not a big dog - they are considered a medium-sized dog breed that weighs between 44 and 66 pounds depending on if it's a boy or girl. 

They are a very mobile dog breed - both on their feet or hopping into your cruiser.

The best way to describe a Belgian Malinois is to say they are physically - perfectly balanced.

Mentally - these are not in the AKC Toy Group - the Belgian Malinois requires constant attention - these are not crate dogs.

They are a highly specialized dog breed for the few people willing to put daily training work into them.

Sure, they can perform all the tricks to create viral social media posts, but you'll burn out before your Belgian Malinois does if you're feeding a high-quality pet food.

If you're afraid of someone breaking into your home and stealing your food bowls - that's not good, do you know what else isn't good?  Feeding your Belgian Malinois from cheap bowls - they'll chew 'em up!

To train your Belgian Malinois reference the AKC for qualified trainers that will help with conformation - dog shows, agility, tracking, obedience, and herding events to provide both the physical and mental stimulation the Belgian Malinois needs.

The Belgian Malinois is good around other dogs if you have them, before the Belgian Malinois.

They are protective guard dogs, so they are good with kids and regular training will help with socialization.

Are you looking for a lap dog?  Well, the Belgian Malinois is not what you're looking for, but the blog has a link to some, like the Pomeranian.

The Belgian Malinois will need your undivided attention for a long time too, they can live 10-14 years which is very impressive.

And now that you've completed your research, look for a Belgian Malinois breeder who does health testing and knows the drive level of their lineage.

Because a show Belgian Malinois may be a little more chill than a breeder for police departments and the military - unless you're a member of Seal Team 6

The Belgian Malinois was recognized by the AKC in 1959 and the Belgian Malinois Club started in 1968.

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