Dog Walking Polo

Dog Walking Polo

Size X-Small Polo

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You need to dress up a smidge when walking your dog.
After all, you're about to meet new people.
This Polo is ridiculously comfortable and the collar is large and preppy.
If your dog gets loose the Polo is perfectly suited for running really fast too!
The shirt is long so it won't come loose during sprints.
PetzPaws Polo would like you to adopt it.  It already knows how to sit, stay and come.
This instant classic is made from easy math:
  1. 50% Combed Cotton (very preppy)
  • Combed cotton is soft and strong, breathable, and great for delicate skin.
  1. 50% Polyester (hard-working)
  • Polyester is durable, dries fast, and resists fading and wrinkles.
The more you know.