Pet Food Container Cleaning Towelette
Pet Food Container Cleaning Towelette
Pet Food Container Cleaning Towelette
Pet Food Container Cleaning Towelette

Pet Food Container Cleaning Towelette


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PetzPaws EZ CLEAN Cleans pet food storage containers

The FDA warns, "And wash and dry your pet's dishes and storage containers before refilling them with new food. Both you and your pet will be safer if you do"

When was the last time you cleaned your pet food container?

Contaminated food containers cause premature food spoilage of fresh pet food - and that's not good.

Have you ever thought, "I should clean the pet food storage container", but never actually cleaned the pet food storage container? That was us. 

If your pet has loose stools - it could be caused by contaminated food container walls containing mold, chemicals, antibiotics, propylene glycol, thyroid hormone, pentobarbital, aflatoxins, and huge vitamin fluctuations -from old pet food.

Does removing harmful pet food residue from your pet's diet interest you? if yes, please consider, PETZPAWS EZ CLEAN.

Do you buy pet food bags and store them in a pet food storage container? Smart. Provide optimal nutritional value by removing pet food cross-contamination.

Have you cleaned your pet bowls but never cleaned your pet food storage containers? We're here to help. 

Do you add the bag (and all) into your food container as instructed by the container manufacturer - and it puts you in a bad mood? It's not you. Remove the frustration by filling directly into the pet food storage container. We want you in a good mood.

Works on all pet food storage containers, such as; Vittel Vault, IRIS, Van Ness, Petmate, Buddeez...

Handy towelette transports nicely for traveling, backpacking, camping, hiking...

Quality Aluminum Packaging with Frustration-Free Easy Open Tear Tabs

Large 8”x10” semi-abrasive towelette cuts through contamination

Custom solution safely breaks down harmful residue and dissolves to water in minutes

Free delivery throughout the contiguous United States

Made in the USA