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PetzPaws Family Business
Dear You,
If you need to reach Brian and Claire (PetzPaws) please email us and we'll be in touch.  Leave your phone number if you desire a callback.
PetzPaws is an e-commerce so we have no physical store.  However, has been real since 2008, and we take pride in taking care of you. 
We are not hiding behind the website like most businesses; in fact, we often call to introduce ourselves and say thank you.  Personally engaging with customers is very important; and not exclusively on social media.
If you like our products and would like to pay using a check, or would like to call with a credit card number, we can facilitate your requests.  Email us and include your phone number.
FYI: We would like to share dog videos on social media, so please email them. 
Have a wonderful day,
Brian and Claire