Dog and Cat Food Container Cleaning

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Clean dog food containers after each bag

Dear Dog, Cat and Everything Lovers,

Dog food container cleaning is important to your pets health. Cleaning dog food containers regularly will ensure that bacteria doesn't metastasize into something harmful. We keep Sultan's dog food in Vittel Vaults to prevent it from going stale and to preserve freshness; and throw away the dog food bag.  After each dog food bag we thoroughly clean the dog food container before the new bag. This gives peace of mind that the fresh food we buy stays fresh and remains uncontaminated from the old dog food.  While not a worrier  I want Sultan to eat fresh food and stay healthy!

Please be aware of the dangers of uncleaned containers.

I'll draw only one similarity between dog food and human food.  Both can become contaminated and cause serious illness, but we clean our dinnerware to remove pathogens.  Meanwhile Fido must wait for a recall notification on national news to get his doggie dinnerware and pet food containers cleaned!  All I'm saying is think about cleaning his dog food containers more often...he would love you for it :-)

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