How to Clean Your Dog and Cat Food Container (Updated 2023)

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How to Clean Pet Food Storage Container. Hint: it's NOT Rocket Science

Persistence is needed to counteract the growing risks from recalls due to: mold, chemicals, antibiotics, Propylene Glycol, thyroid hormone, Pentobarbital, foreign objects, Aflatoxins, and huge vitamin fluctuations.
Moldy dog food

Cleaning pet food containers at a minimum of monthly or the equivalent of a bag of dog food is required as part of pet ownership. Cleaning a pet's food container is synonymous with feeding, walking, and loving your pet, or its neglect.  
The FDA states, "wash and dry the storage container between finishing up one bag of kibble and filling it with another to get the residual fat and crumbs off the container's surfaces".
Vittles Vault's the maker of Gamma2 air tight dog food containers has a blog post that confirms, " It is possible for the oils from your dogs’ food to absorb into the plastic container over time, which can cause the food to become rancid. This is why it is extremely important to wash out your Vittles Vault regularly."
Dog Food Containers

Every pet parent should know cleaning the beloved pet's dog bowls is needed daily.
The FDA also requires pet parents to, "wash and dry pet food bowls and scooping utensils after each use.  Wash water bowls daily"

Dirty Contaminated Dog Bowl

Cleaning dog bowls help with pet and home hygiene particularly with young children in the home. But cleaning food and water bowls is part of cleanliness, which is always better than messiness.

Clean dog bowl

You should not clean your pets' bowls with the same cleaning utensils as humans. They must be separate. Pet digestive systems can kill Salmonella, the leading cause of dog food recalls. For humans, this is not the case. The human digestive system cannot kill Salmonella, and our life will be threatened.

A reason for the massive Salmonella recalls is because pet owners are using the same cleaning utensils for their dishes and their pets. If this wasn't the case, Salmonella in pet food is not a big deal. What is a big deal for pet health is everything else mentioned above.

Eliminating cross-contamination from each bag of dog food is critical. Pet food contains nutrients necessary for that bag of dog food only. Subsequent bags of food contain fresh new nutrients. Cross-contamination of stale nutrients/ingredients with fresh nutrients is prohibited. You can relate this to human food consumption processes, and not (1) will support not cleaning bowls or Tupperware ~ natural equivalents.

No matter the size of your dog food containers, you should be repetitively cleaning them after every bag of dog food. If your dog food container holds 15 lb of dog food and you buy 30 lb bulk bags you should be cleaning after (2) dog food container food replenishments since they are the same bag of dog food. Or you should be cleaning monthly - 12x per year at a minimum.

Before adding the new bag of dog food to the container you need to thoroughly clean it first.


Love isn't about hugging your dog or cat, but it is that too. Love is about doing the cleaning that you don't want to do, but you do anyway, for your pet and home hygiene.


Cleaning your pet bowls and your dog and cat food containers isn't hard, but it can be time-consuming. Bucket. Water. Towels. It's not a fun process, we'll give you that.

Have you been rewarded for doing the process? Unfortunately, it's thankless.

Don't make it hard on yourself; review PetzPaws EZ CLEAN pet cleaning products. Have you ever cleaned an empty food and water bowl to polish in 1 minute? You can.

You will be gratified transforming contaminated dog bowls into a glistening cleaned bunch, even with food immediately added! It's gratifying beyond words. And they are safe - decomposing ingredients into the water. You will be cleaning regularly with a satisfied smile that your pet will notice.


We stress cleaning pet food containers over dog bowls because
at least most people are periodically cleaning pet food bowls. Dog food container cleaning gets absolutely no attention, and it should be.

People complain about dog food recalls like rabid dogs but we also bear some responsibility. I am not adding value to the argument of inexpensive versus expensive dog food since all dog food has been recalled in every cost segment.

Cleaning your pet food containers isn't rocket science, but cleaning them quickly will require PetzPaws EZ CLEAN towelette.  Don't fret, you will get the same pet smile if it takes hours or 1 minute. PetzPaws EZ CLEAN has your back.

Consider subscribing for the PetzPaws EZ CLEAN subscription for only $2.49 monthly  (less than a cup of cheap coffee) and we'll do everything for you, but clean the darn thing.

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