Keeping Your Pet's Surfaces Clean

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The Problem

Your Vittels Vault dog food storage containers have fats and oils left behind from previous bags. Over time, these lipids build up and can become rancid, contaminating your pet’s food. This increases the risk for mites, mold growth and bacterial contamination. suggests cleaning your pet’s container after each bag is used to reduce risk of food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea and other gastric issues.

 Our Solution

EZ Clean is an all-natural solution that breaks down the harmful build-up left behind in your pet’s bowl and food storage container. Our solution also works great for cleaning your pet’s toys and hard-surface floors around his/her dining area. Just spray it on and wipe it off. It’s that easy.


Alternative Cleaning Methods

To remove harmful lipids from pet bowls and containers, you’d typically scrub them with soap and water. Aside from being messy and time-consuming, when space is limited, you may even have to clean them outside. During the cold winter months, going outside is the last thing you want to do. Even placing your pet’s dinnerware in the dishwasher has drawbacks since they take up a lot of space and you have to wait for the cycle to finish before using them again. With EZ Clean, you simply spray it on, wipe it off. It’s all-natural and specially formulated to quickly break down harmful lipids to help keep your pet healthy.


Made in Michigan

Get added peace of mind knowing that our organic product is formulated and produced with a green chemistry company located in the mitten state. All of the ingredients are non-hazardous, alcohol-free, biodegradable and contain no phosphates. That means EZ Clean is a safe and convenient way to care for your pet’s health.

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